Benefits of Legs-up-the-wall pose

  • Helps with edema or swelling of the legs and feet.

  • May aid low back pain. 

  • Great for relaxation.

Be Aware of the following:

  • May be uncomfortable on the low back or impede the breath, as the hips are raised slightly, causing the baby to move towards the diaphram.

How to do the Legs-up-the-wall pose

  1. Lay on the floor, with legs up the wall, sit bones as close to the wall as you can.

  2. Bend the knees, placing the feet to the wall. Gently press into it, lifting the hips and slide a bolster or thick folded blanket under the sacrum.

  3. As long as you are comfortable stay for 5-10 breaths.

The most important thing about any prenatal exercise is that you listen to your body and only do the poses that feel good! You should never have any pain or discomfort while doing any of the following poses so move into them slowly and pay attention to how they feel, if they don’t feel good, don’t do them.

This post is part of a series of posts outlining the benefits, and instructions for Prenatal Yoga Poses. To see the entire series, click the following link: Prenatal Yoga Poses

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