Dolphin Doula Brings Playful Peace

Dolphin_leapDolphins are another of nature’s treasures that provide me with an opportunity to connect with the magic of the seas. Dolphins intuitively know when women are pregnant and circle around them. I call them the doulas of the sea- they have doulas to give birth, always another dolphin is there with the birthing dolphin.

What is very unique about the birth of a dolphin calf is that it is born tail first instead of head first like all other mammals. The females will move to very shallow water for the young to be born. They are often accompanied by one or two other dolphins that will assist with the birth. Usually, those assistants are females but they can also be male.

Playful Peace…

I can’t remember when my fascination with dolphins began, but each time I have had the opportunity to watch them jumping and playing in the wild they fill me with a feeling of playful peace. I know that people and dolphins can develop very deep connections without words, helping us to understand how powerful our thoughts are that we can communicate in so many other ways. Dolphins have been know to circle near pregnant women, using their sonar to detect the pregnancy and some women are even giving birth with the dolphins to feel this deep connection to the waters of our planet and the wisdom that lies below the surface.

dolphin & lady 1I’ve always had a fascination with dolphins, although I do not know when it started, but they are one way I connect with Nature’s Majesty. Just this summer, I witnessed dolphins playing just off shore. Seeing the dolphins was amazing because it was the first time I saw them on the Jersey Shore and it is the first year I am leading a Dolphinesse childbirth workshop in the Bahamas, so thought this was amazing synchronicity! When I first learned about the retreat, to swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas, I immediately knew I wanted to bring pregnant women and their partners to experience the pleasures of life and birth in this magical way. What an opportunity to have a very special get-away weekend with one’s partner, to learn all that is possible in birth in addition to beautiful beaches and an ability to swim with the Dolphins. I invite you to join me in the Bahamas- are you pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or would like to nurture yourself and your partner with beauty, nature, pleasure and learn some of the best-kept secrets to preparing for a safe, satisfying and pleasurable birth experience at the Dolphinesse Retreat? Join me.

Do you have a story about dolphins and pregnancy or childbirth? Did your pregnant belly attract a Dolphin? Did you birth in the sea where Dolphins may have heard your sounds? Please share with us here.

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