The Dolphin Method

Designed specifically for Prenatal, Laboring, and Postpartum women, The Dolphin Method is a comprehensive system involving movement, relaxation, breathing, comfort and support designed to empower and guide women on their journey to becoming a mother.

The Dolphin Method is practiced through prenatal and postnatal yoga, doula care, relaxation techniques and sensation control.

All aspects of The Dolphin Method utilize the following 9 core principals:

Linking breath & movement

The movement of the body and the breath are one, connected, continuously flowing and synchronized. When a practitioner learns to link their breath and movement they create an energy which powerfully connects them to their own being. Bringing this experience of connectedness to pregnant women in a physical, tangible way is the intention of Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga.

Creating space

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga creates space for the baby as we move through the asana practice allowing mom and baby to move in a comfortable and synchronized way. Utilizing movement, breath and gravity to create space encourages not only balance and comfort for the mother,  but also optimal fetal positioning of the baby.

Relaxation [hypnotherapy]

Relaxation is a skill that needs to be developed, practiced and honed in order to be effective during pregnancy and the intensity of childbirth.  It allows us to be present, focused and calm, all of which are important for pregnant women when the mind is constantly focused on the unknown of childbirth and motherhood.  Learning how to have access to deep states of relaxation prepares and empowers women for labor and childbirth, and provides essential skills to handling the challenges of parenthood.

Unique Experience

Every body is different. The Dolphin Method recognizes the individual as unique and addresses her specific needs. Pregnancy is a great time for a woman to reconnect with her body, to get in touch with what feels good for her and what doesn’t, whether it be food, exercise or any activity that she participates in, learning to do it mindfully and pay attention is so important during this transformational time.


Though the most important guide to safety in pregnancy and childbirth is women listening to their own bodies it’s also important to stay up to date on the latest research.  Weighing risks and benefits and gathering research from reliable sources is a key component in The Dolphin Method.


The Dolphin Method believes that women are inherently strong and powerful.  Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the best times to tap into this strength.  When women discover and harness their own potential they move into motherhood with confidence, strength and feminine power.

Collective Network

It takes a village. We have an intricate web of teachers, clients and professionals who all enrich and contribute to making The Dolphin Method an amazing resource for pregnant women.


The Dolphin Method has a strong Code of Ethics, we are committed to bridging the gap between the medical community and alternative healthcare providers.  We educate women to make empowered informed decisions and encourage them to work with, instead of fighting against, their health care systems; to seek out the best professionals who will support them in their unique needs and desires for their births.


This is the culmination of all the principles of the Dolphin Method. It allows the release of fear and expectations and encourages trust in a strong yet flexible foundation.

Whether you are expecting your first child or your third, or are having difficulty returning to your fitness routine after birth, The Dolphin Method offers a comprehensive system and excellently trained providers to support you both prenatally and postnatally in an empowered, enjoyable experience for you, your baby and your family.

Or if you are looking for a career as a prenatal yoga teacher or a doula, The Dolphin Method’s comprehensive, international renowned trainings, materials, and support, will allow you to play an important role aiding women to have empowered birth experiences.

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga

Safe, Invigorating and Active yoga videos, classes, and teacher trainings

For pregnant and postpartum mamas we offer Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga DVD’s. For yoga teachers interested in adding prenatal yoga to their teaching repertoire or who wish to feel comfortable when a pregnant woman walks into your yoga class, we provide worldwide Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Discover the benefit of practicing Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga, or look for a Prenatal Yoga teacher training near you.

Dolphin Doula

Supporting women and their families through the most transformative and profound time of their lives.

Dolphin Doula provides trainings and resources for those looking to step into the magical world of assisting women to give birth in a powerful and supported way. Dolphin Doulas undergo comprehensive trainings covering topics such as: childbirth education, breath and movement techniques to encourage optimal fetal positioning, as well as aiding  the mother’s comfort during labor and childbirth.

For those looking to become a doula, Dolphin Doula trainings are held all over the world, please check out trainings for more information. For women and families looking to hire a doula, browse our Dolphin Doula graduates in the Dolphin Circle!

Pregnancy Hypnosis & Relaxation

Learn to get in touch with the positive sensations of childbirth and explore the potential of the birth experience!

Pregnancy Hypnosis and Relaxation explores the power of human thought and how understanding this power can change the experience of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. The Dolphin Method teaches people to observe their sensations and finding and encouraging positive sensations prompting the body’s release of a cocktail of feel good hormones that can dramatically impact the birth experience.

Check out our audio downloads which address many common pregnancy and postpartum issues.

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