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Below are 2 links to download the Pregnancy Hypnosis & Relaxation downloads. We hope you enjoy them. We will be adding more soon

Ocean Relaxation
This relaxation brings the listener to a beautiful beach and allows her to float in a pool of water. This relaxation is a perfect accompaniment to a midday nap as it takes the place of a couple of hours of sleep. It is best not to do this or other relaxations first thing in the morning or right before bed, instead use it to recharge after a long day at work or home, or a midday nap.

Sensation Control
Most women believe that childbirth will be the most excruciating experience of their lives. This belief comes from a lifetime of conditioning through media and stories passed down from generations of women. This belief creates an assumption that childbirth is something to be feared and treated as a negative necessity to producing a beautiful new life. This recording was developed to assist in creating positive birth experiences by redefining the sensations felt during labor. It is best used in the months prior to delivering your baby.

These recordings SHOULD NOT be listened to while driving or participating in any activity that requires your full attention.

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