Is there anything in prenatal yoga you need to beware of or not do?
There are many styles of prenatal yoga just as there are many styles of regular yoga. Not every style is suited to every body. People who were very active or practiced more vigorous styles of yoga before they were pregnant usually are looking for a safe way to continue a more vigorous practice so that they can maintain the strength and flexibility they worked so hard to achieve before getting pregnant. This is the demographic that my classes and DVD’s were created for. Most prenatal classes and DVD’s are very gentle focusing on connecting with your baby and breath awareness and stretching.

Women should make sure to get an “ok” from their doctor or midwife before starting any prenatal exercise or yoga practice and should make sure that the instructor is experienced in working with pregnant bodies. Women should be aware that even if a pose seems simple and is said to be appropriate for pregnant women that if it doesn’t feel good they should not do it. Listening to your body is the most important aspect of practicing prenatal yoga!

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