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I was a practicing licensed massage therapist, and a majority of my practice focused on prenatal massage. Of course, music is a very important part of massage therapy as it’s used to help people relax during their massage.  As fate had it, a few of my friends were pregnant at the same time, so naturally I went shopping for the perfect baby shower gifts. I wanted to get them something unique that incorporated my love of massage and music. An image popped into my head with a pregnant woman holding headphones on her belly. I started looking for a baby shower gift that an expectant mother could wear to play music to her baby in the womb, and listen along to the same music.  Unable to find this “unique and different” type of baby shower gift, I realized I had an idea.

What did you do before Lullabelly was created?

I have been a licensed massage therapist for over ten years.

What have been some of your greatest successes? Greatest challenges?

Our greatest challenge was learning everything step-by-step without the knowledge of how to manufacture a product. Trial and error was our motto. However, with that motto, we had many successes. Whether it was through cold calling on stores, small advertising campaigns or attending multiple trade shows, we have been able to introduce Lullabelly to the world. We are now carried in over 125+ retail locations that include major retailers, maternity/baby boutiques, ultrasound studios, online stores like and eBay and just recently at Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory.

What would you say are the top benefits to prenatal music stimulation?

Of the many benefits to prenatal music stimulation, I’d say the bonding experience between mother and baby ranks as number one, followed by reduced stress levels for mom-to-be, which in turn reduces the baby’s stress level. Additionally, prenatal music stimulation also enhances the stimulation of your unborn baby’s growing brain, encouraging early brain development.

What are your top three tips for living pregnant and stress-free?

  • Get Educated: The more you know about what to expect with your changing body or how your baby develops in the womb, the more relaxed and confident you’ll be throughout your pregnancy.
  • Have a Plan: Having a baby is not only stressful, but requires a lot of planning. Choosing a good healthcare provider, deciding where to give birth, shopping for maternity and baby gear, decorating the nursery, determining how to organize your life after the baby arrives, etc. can all be very stressful situations. By planning ahead and starting the decision-making process early on in your pregnancy, you can sit back and actually enjoy your pregnancy.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Proper nutrition, lots of rest, regular exercise, mediation and prenatal yoga are all ways to maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy.

What’s next for Lullabelly?

We are so excited about Lullabelly’s rave reviews and success. As for what’s next, we’ll continue to expand our U.S. footprint and then branch out into international markets.

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