Dolphin Method Doula Training


Hubei Retreat Center, ChiBi, China | April 13- 15, 2015

Dolphin Method Doula Training

We are very pleased to offer our unique Dolphin Method™ labor and birth coach training for those seeking education and skills to share as labor support for friends, family, or as an in depth look into your own birth experience.

The information, experience and wisdom shared in this training has been developed and refined over 15 years and more than 1000 births; with amazing and powerful results. We look forward to sharing the fruits of this labor with you.

The training covers:

The Dolphin Method basic doula training will give you all of the tools necessary for you to work with women and partners before, during, and directly following childbirth. You will have the information, confidence and knowledge to assess the needs of the expectant mama and feel comfortable in knowing that you have the skills to make her birth experience better and more comfortable.

The labor support training includes:

  • Techniques for helping women through every stage of labor
  • How to engage with the staff at hospitals & birth centers
  • Helping the expectant mother understand their options
  • How to engage emotionally with the expectant mothers
  • Labor positions and techniques
  • Psychology for labor support
  • Basic massage techniques for labor
  • Alternative birthing styles and situations

Basic Childbirth Education

This section of our training will teach you about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth, the signs and stages of labor, what to expect at the hospital, and medical interventions used at the hospital.

Hypnosis (Meditation and Relaxation) for childbirth

This is the cornerstone of our Dolphin Doula Method, and when utilized, is an extremely effective technique for assisting pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy and labor. Hypnosis for Childbirth helps the pregnant woman adjust mentally and physically to the dramatic changes happening to her body and life. By practicing deep relaxation through self-hypnosis, the expectant mother:

  • Strengthens her bond with baby, which helps facilitate parent-infant attachment after birth
  • Manages her anxiety around the labor and birth process
  • Accesses her individual and unique source of strength and calm
  • Reframes the pain associated with pregnancy and childbirth and reinforces positive sensations

For more information, and to register, please visit the Fine Yoga doula training page here.

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