The Dolphin Method Team

Jake More

Jake More

Training Coordinator, Operations, Marketing, Sales and Dude-la

Jake manages all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of The Dolphin Method, Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga, and Dolphin Doula. He is responsible for coordinating all teacher trainings and workshops, as well as handling all of our product sales, distribution, and support. In addition, Jake is also our designer, web developer and marketing coordinator. Jake has been working with Jennifer since 2007 and has a great understanding and appreciation for the work Jennifer does and the positive effects she has in the larger community. While he understands how to do a pelvic floor release, and what questions to ask a laboring mom when she calls at 3am, he remains strictly behind-the-scenes except for the occasional marketing class module taught in the Prenatal Yoga and Doula certification trainings.

Jake’s career has had many interesting facets including, musician (drummer) graphic and web designer, video game designer, toy inventor, creativity and brainstorm facilitator, and now dude-la (the partner at home supporting the doula).

I know that every dvd we sell, and every yogi and doula we train has a cascading effect of making the world a little bit better. When I read the wonderful words that people send to us, almost every day, I realize how fortunate I am to get to experience that positivity and can see it in the faces of every one of our students and all the women who practice Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga.

When they are actually at home, Jake and Jennifer live in Northern California with their 2 daughters and 2 crazy dogs.


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