3.5 days Dolphin Method Doula Training and Certification with Jennifer More

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Thursday 2/18: 5:30-9pm
Friday 2/19: 9am-8pm
Saturday 2/20: 9am-8pm
Sunday 2/21: 9am-5pm

Redwood City, CA


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We are very pleased to offer our unique Dolphin Method™ birth doula certification and training for those seeking a fascinating and rewarding career as labor support professional or to deepen their understanding and skills as doulas.

The information, experience and wisdom shared in this certification program has been developed and refined over 16 years and more than 450 births; with amazing and powerful results. We look forward to guiding you through the process of not only becoming a birth doula, but also, how to establish yourself as a professional in this industry.

Dolphin Method Doula Training and Certification

Basic doula training

The Dolphin Method basic doula training will give you all of the tools necessary for you to work with women and their partner’s before, during, and directly following childbirth. You will have the skills, confidence and knowledge to walk into a hospital or birth facility and be able to assess your client’s needs and feel comfortable in knowing that you have the skills to make her birth experience better.

Basic doula training includes:

  • Stages of Pregnancy, labor and childbirth
  • Techniques for helping women through every stage of labor
  • Working at hospitals & birth centers
  • Helping your client understand their options
  • How to engage emotionally with your clients
  • Labor positions and techniques
  • Psychology for doulas
  • Basic massage techniques for labor
  • Alternative birthing styles and situations

Basic Childbirth Education

The Basic Childbirth Education section of our training will teach you about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth, the signs and stages of labor, what to expect at the hospital, medical interventions used at the hospital.

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Hypnosis for Childbirth is the cornerstone of our Dolphin Doula Method, and when utilized, is an extremely effective technique for assisting pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy and labor. Hypnosis for Childbirth helps the pregnant woman adjust mentally and physically to the dramatic changes happening to her body and life.

By practicing deep relaxation through self-hypnosis, the expectant mother:

  • Strengthens her bond with baby which helps facilitate parent-infant attachment after birth
  • Manages her anxiety around the labor and birth process
  • Accesses her individual and unique source of strength and calm
  • Reframes the pain associated with pregnancy and childbirth and reinforces positive sensations
  • Basic Breastfeeding
What is a doula?

Traditionally, doulas are people who provide informational, emotional, and physical support to women before, during and after childbirth. A doula stays by the woman’s side throughout her birthing experience, she coaches the birthing woman and partner through this life changing process of childbirth, helping her feel safe and informed as she moves into motherhood.

Birth Doula Requirements
  • Complete the basic doula training course
  • Provide continuous doula services for two births starting before 4 centimeters and staying through at least 1 hour after the birth.
  • Write a hypnosis induction for Childbirth Relaxation/Pain management
Reading Requirements 
  • Read 4 books from required reading list
Classes and other certification requirements 
  • We highly recommend you take a childbirth education class PRIOR to attending the training.
  • CPR & First Aid Certified
Breastfeeding Requirement 
  • Attend a basic breastfeeding class (or equivalent)
Other Requirements 
  • Read and sign the Dolphin Method code of Ethics & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Pass the Dolphin Method written exam
  • Complete payment of doula certification fees
Why take the Dolphin Method™ Doula Certification?
  • The Dolphin Doula Method certification course includes training in hypnosis preparation for pregnant women or couples prior to the birth, the use of hypnosis during birth, as well as full labor support. It not only includes the imparting of knowledge of practical techniques for pain management, but also provides extensive knowledge of the birthing process itself.
After completing the Dolphin Method training, will I be certified & what will that allow me to do?

Yes, you will be certified as a basic birth doula through Dolphin Method Doula Training. This certification will allow you to attend births and act as labor support during and after labor. You will not be trained in any medical techniques and therefore, will not be allowed to give medical advice. You role is to act as emotional, physical and informational support.

How long will it take to complete the doula certification?

This depends on how you approach it and how quickly finish all the requirements. The course itself is over the scheduled course, with the exam on the last day. Once you have completed all other requirements, you will be mailed a certificate in the mail and can start calling yourself a Certified Doula (CD). You do have 1 year to complete the certification, but it can be done much quicker than that.


Jennifer, Thank you so much for this special training! It was an amazing 6 meetings. You were so welcoming, full of enthusiasm, and information. I actually wish we’d had more time. The other participants and myself seemed drawn to this group. It was a great fit of women with very diverse backgrounds and experience, brought together with a common interest and goal – to be a capable birth doula.

I had an opportunity to attend doula training in 2000 from another group. It was a group of 9 women, and lasted 3 days. We spent time going over childbirth physiology, massaging and breathing techniques for relaxation. We watched videos of European water births, home births and hospital births. About an hour was spent on lactation with a representative from the Le Leche League. No discussion was mentioned of “bad” or difficult outcomes, how to deal with the birthing family or the doula’s emotional component. 

Back then I recognized that this group and I had a philosophical difference. I feel that the birth experience is the mother and her partner’s experience. The choices they make are theirs and should be respected whether I agree with them or not. This group was more focused on home birthing, “all natural childbirth” and “only breast feeding,” or you would not be a good parent.

I am thrilled that Dolphin Method Doula training falls more in line with my own thinking. Making judgments and forcing an experience on someone is not comfortable for me. You’ve taught and reinforced my thought processes, enhanced my learning to include hypnotherapy and voice modulation to promote relaxation and focus. Meeting with the psychologist, and learning how to appropriately deal with the difficult situations was invaluable.

I am grateful that you’re providing follow-up meetings to support our training and allow us to meet and experience other doulas. These days of training are invaluable to me, and I intend to use the techniques and guidelines in my doula work. Thank you again for your openness and this opportunity.

Taking the Dolphin Method Doula training has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. It is an absolute honor to be learning from such amazing and knowledgeable women. I realized that being a doula means that you are not only apart of the birth of the baby but also the birth of the mother and partner as well. After giving birth, using the dolphin method, I truly believe the confidence and calm power a woman gains stays with her throughout her entire life. 

Instilling that confidence and power in women during their labor changes the outcome drastically. While I drove home tonight from an all day class, I felt as light as a cloud. I felt like I could relax myself and have the same effect on another person. I felt like I had the power to transfer my positive energy into another person, creating a different perspective and outcome for that person. Tonight I truly felt confident in myself and that I can be an incredible doula. What a high!

I am buzzing again tonight with all the information that was given during training today. We spent the majority of the day soaking up as much of Jennifer’s vast wealth of information on hypnosis as possible. She walked us through the process of testing clients for their primary way of processing: kinesthetic, visual or auditory. I was riveted the whole time with all the information as we went through each exercise, and it was so immensely valuable for me to be taken through the process of discovering my own primary sense (and now I know that I can chalk that up to the fact that I am highly kinesthetic, and so I learn best by doing…).

It’s as if my entire life’s journey has been in preparation for this chapter on my path. Tonight was the first day of Dolphin Method Doula Training. It was only two days ago that I finished Dolphin Method Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Jennifer More, which was incredible. I hung onto every word she said, she spoke with such clarity and wove in all kinds of incredible birthing stories. When I arrived home each day after the training I would excitedly regurgitate all that I had learned. I was hooked on the Dolphin Method and was thrilled to sign up for the Doula Training.

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