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  • Prenatal yoga classes
  • Birth preparation workshops
  • Birth doula services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Postnatal yoga classes


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 Wang He






I began to practice yoga in 2006, I received my first 500-hours training at Fine Yoga Beijing, one of the leading yoga training school in China. I have been teaching at Fine Yoga since 2009.

I first learned about Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga from Jennifer More in 2011 and have taken every one of Jennifer’s Prenatal and Doula trainings in China. I am the first Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), from China, registered with the Yoga Alliance. I am the private prenatal yoga teacher for many of celebrities in China, including famous movie stars and Olympic champions.

I spend most of my time, since 2011, teaching prenatal vinyasa yoga and have over 3500 teaching hours to date. I have provide doula service from 2013. I am also happy to be Jennifer’s assistant for her teacher trainings in China.

The First time I met Jennifer in 2011 I was attracted by her scientific and rigorous teaching as well as the beautiful flow in her practice. this conter-traditional style opened my vision for prenatal yoga practice. I realized that  women are cable of doing vigorous and powerful yoga practice during pregnancy as long as they focus on their breath and body and the connection with their babies. Even more, the practice can create power and strength for them which leads to a positive and amazing birth experience.

My happiest time is to get acknowledgement and appreciation from the pregnant ladies in my class. I am so lucky to meet Jennifer. She has led me to the world of prenatal yoga and helped me to find my career goals for rest of my life…to support woman in their special period of time, to send them my love and power, this is my favorite job in the world.

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