Bali, Indonesia

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Rebecca Walker

Inspired by the art of mindful movement, Rebecca is a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher and certified prenatal yoga instructor whose love affair with the yoga practice began more than a decade ago.

Passionate about empowering women during the metamorphic experience of pregnancy, Rebecca is dedicated to supporting mums-to-be during their transition from maiden to mother. Galvanized by a heartfelt belief in the capabilities of the female body and the power of yoga’s transformational potential, she sees the pregnancy journey as a sacred right of passage that can lead to a positive labor, birth and postpartum experience.

Fascinated by the mind-body-spirit connection, Rebecca has explored many yoga styles and meditation techniques and her unique method draws inspiration from the hatha, vinyasa flow, kundalini and yin forms. Sensitive to the specific needs and nuances of the changing pregnant body, her uplifting classes incorporate guided meditations and safe alignment modifications that are grounded in practicality and supported by current scientific and medical research.

“For me, yoga is a beautiful spiritual dance that illuminates the shadows of the spirit and aligns the heart with the higher, wiser self. It is an opportunity to look inward and explore one’s strength, softness and spaciousness. Akin to a set of balancing scales, I view the practice as a nourishing transformation tool that creates harmony between the physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical energy fields; and think of the yoga mat as a sacred space and invitation for the soul to replenish, heal, rejuvenate and transmute.”

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