Wellington, New Zealand

Languages Spoken:

  • English


  • Power Vinyasa
  • Yin Yoga
  • Prenatal Vinyasa
  • Calligraphy Yoga
  • Workshops, Posture Clinics and Private sessions





Katya Mourits


Having discovered meditation in her early twenties and yoga not long after, Katya was fascinated by the great transformational and inspirational power both of these practices offer. A devoted yoga practitioner since 2004, Katya has completed over a thousand of teacher training hours, including her Level 1 training with Hot Yoga of New Zealand, a comprehensive Applied Anatomy and Physiology Training with Simon Borg-Olivier, her Level 2 training in Vinyasa with RadiantlyAlive studio and Prenatal Vinyasa with Jennifer More.

In her further explorations into the healing power of yoga Katya was very fortunate to meet a unique teacher – a highly skilled Chinese Master Zhen Hua Yang. Under Master Yang’s direct guidance, Katya is currently learning about his Calligraphy Health system. The powerful practice of Calligraphy Yoga explores the body-mind awareness relationships to the deepest level, enabling the practitioner to achieve optimal health through improving overall functioning of the body systems and building up of internal energetic reserves.

Katya is passionate about sharing her yoga discoveries with others. Together with offering regular classes and workshops, Katya has assisted at Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Wellington and has developed and taught the Anatomy course at the Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Auckland. Katya also maintains collaborative relationships with her teachers and mentors and brings world-class guest teachers to Wellington to share their knowledge and wisdom.

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