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Chiara Galli

Chiara is a RYT200 Italian yoga teacher based in Dubai. She has been involved in sports since a young age, particularly in body movement disciplines such as ballet and modern dance. Her yoga journey started in London in 2011, and she never looked back. Today she teaches prenatal, vinyasa, yin, and SUP yoga.

Sought after mentor, Chiara’s primary goal has always been to help her clients.

Working as a Sales Director between London, Italy and Dubai for the past 10 years, Chiara understood the value of listening to people’s needs, and she has learnt to adapt her style, message and services directly to her individual clients. So when she started teaching yoga, she could not help but apply these important skills to her classes. While some may only be after physical exercise, others may prefer to focus on relaxing and turning inward. Whatever your goal is, Chiara’s classes will meet your needs.

In particular, Chiara is focused on how yoga is beneficial for acquiring self-confidence and feeling good in your own body, teaching to both beginners and more advanced yogis. Her classes are dynamic, energetic flows to increase strength and stamina, while learning to focus on the breath to balance, concentrate and be present. You can read what Chiara’s students think of her classes here: http://www.yogawithchiara.com/testimonials

“The joy of seeing my students succeed in getting correctly in and out of a pose for the first time is more rewarding than anything else for me. Yoga is just like life: you think you’re not good at it, that you’re missing something, that you’re too good or too bad to achieve something, but actually, you’re perfect just the way you are, and there is no reason why you should not be able to achieve a goal, let alone a yoga pose!” – Chiara

More recently, Chiara signed up for Jennifer’s Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course, and she is now fully equipped to better support her pregnant students and new mums during this particular time of their life. Chiara has discovered a whole new world, and she is so excited to continue spread her love and knowledge of yoga and the physical body by supporting strong, powerful women.

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