One of the best poses for pregnant women is the cat pose or cat-cow.
This pose is done by placing the hands and knees on the ground, hands directly under the shoulders and knees and feet hip width apart.

As you inhale lift the head up gazing up to the ceiling.
(swaying or arching the back is fine in the first trimester, after that just lift the head if swaying the back is uncomfortable)

As you exhale round your back like a cat.
push the center of the back up to the ceiling as far as possible and press your hands into the ground.

The pelvic tilting that happens with this pose helps to move the baby into a more comfortable position when experiencing back pain or discomfort from the baby’s position during pregnancy.

This position is also one of the best for moving a baby into a more favorable position for birthing and can help move a baby from a posterior position (the one that causes back labor) to an anterior position which is much easier for the baby to move through the pelvis.

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