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The Dolphin Method Angel Program is an incredible opportunity to become a more intimate part of the Dolphin Method family. By becoming a Dolphin Angel you will receive amazing benefits such as, getting teacher training opportunities, advanced prenatal yoga teacher training, Reiki level 1 training and certification, opportunities to teach with Jennifer, yearly weekend collaboration party with Jennifer and all of the Angels, and much more!

Becoming a Dolphin Angel is a special opportunity to elevate your experience and training, and to truly serve your community. Dolphin Angels are a sisterhood of women committed to making a difference.


  • Complete Dolphin Method Angel Program Application and have it approved.
  • Attend at least 3 Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training courses with Jennifer.
    2 courses as a student, and 1 course as an assistant.
  • Attend the Dolphin Method Advanced Prenatal Yoga and Reiki 1st degree Training.
    This private course is offered only once per year and is by invitation only. This advanced course will prepare our Angles to teach the Dolphin Method workshops. In addition to the workshop preparation, Jennifer will also guide students through a Reiki 1st degree training and certification.
  • Attend one of Jennifer’s Dolphin Method Women’s Yoga workshops
  • Sign and follow all Ethical Codes of Conduct and Dolphin Method policies
  • Complete at least 300 teaching hours
    Teaching prenatal or postnatal yoga
  • Pass the final evaluation
  • Complete required reading
  • Pay all registration fees
  • Remain up-to-date on all membership fees


  • Dolphin Angels are eligible to teach the following trainings:
    • 2 day prenatal yoga workshop
    • 8 hour “intro to prenatal yoga” module inside of any existing 200 hour YTT
    • Introduction to prenatal yoga workshop
    • Partner yoga and massage workshop
    • Pre & Postnatal 3 day workshop
    • Integrating prenatal students into your regular yoga class workshop
  • Dolphin Angels, in good standing, will be promoted on the Dolphin Method Website, WeChat company account, and by Dolphin Method staff.
  • Dolphin Method will provide you with up-to-date teaching materials, lesson plans, and certification templates for use in your workshops.
  • Dolphin Angels can apply to be an Angel Apprentice with Jennifer at one or more of her Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings, allowing you to lead a class, make hands-on adjustments, work with student groups, and more.
  • Dolphin Method will assist in booking workshops when possible
  • Invitation to the 2-day Angel party once a year; A fun weekend of collaboration, continuing education and fun with Jennifer and all the Angels.
  • 2 Dolphin Angel shirts
  • Wholesale pricing on all Dolphin Method merchandise


  • Students must pay for their first Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and Dolphin Method Women’s Yoga Workshop in full. The second RPYT will be 50% off. The third RPYT, as an assistant to Jennifer, is free.
  • Dolphin Method Advanced Prenatal Yoga Training & Reiki 1st degree course: ¥18,000
  • Yearly Membership Fee ¥399
  • There is a 10% fee on profits from All Dolphin Method workshops taught by Dolphin Angles

Registration for Angel Program

Step one: Complete a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Jennifer (8.5 days or longer)

Step two: Complete an application and get approval to join the Angel program

Step three: After approval, pay a non-refundable deposit of RMB 3500

Step four: Complete all DM Angel requirements above

Questions and Answers

I have been teaching less than 5 years, can I still join the Angel program?

Yes, you may join the Angel program, but you will not be accepted to teach workshops until you have been teaching 5 years, and have been evaluated and approved.

What if I don’t finish the Angel program within 1 year?

You may take as long as you need to complete the program.

Are there any payment plans available for the Dolphin Angel Program?

Yes, however, all payment must be complete before the Advanced training begins in October, 2019

What are the different levels of being an Angel?

Dolphin Angel in Training
(enrolled into the program)

Dolphin Angel
(graduated from the program)

Dolphin Guardian Angel
(able to teach modules at Jennifer’s trainings and workshops)

Do I need to pay a yearly fee to remain part of the Angel program?

Yes. We have a very small yearly fee of ¥399.

What if I don’t finish the Angel program, do I get a refund of my payment?

There are no refunds for deposits or payments in the Dolphin Angel program. You may complete your training at a later time.

If I finish the Angel program am I guaranteed to be able to teach workshops?

There is no guarantee. Jennifer will personally evaluate all trainees and accept only those that exhibit high levels of teaching excellence and solid understanding of the Dolphin Method techniques and principals.

What if I do not graduate the Angel program?

You may continue in the Angel-in-training program and be reevaluated until you are accepted. We are committed that all trainees will graduate and we will work with you to meet that goal. You may be asked to attend more workshops or trainings as necessary, at no extra cost, to complete your training.

I don’t want to teach workshops, can I still join the Angel program?

Yes, you may still join the Angel program.

If I am approved to teach workshops, do I need to use Dolphin materials and course outlines?

Yes, you must adhere to our strict program, ensuring that integrity of the workshop being taught is 100% the Dolphin Method program. You will find your own personality and voice to deliver the information over time.

If I am an Angel, can I teach at Jennifer’s trainings?

Only Dolphin Guardian Angles may teach at Jennifer’s trainings. Becoming a Dolphin Guardian Angel is by invitation only.

Do I get paid if I assist at Jennifer’s trainings?

Yes, there is compensation package for teachers. This is worked on an individual basis and discussed before any teaching arrangements are made.

Is the Dolphin Angel Program only available in China?

No, the Dolphin Angel Program is available for students from any country.

Where can I teach workshops?

If approved, you may teach workshops anywhere in the World.

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